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"I have spent sleepless nights wondering how I could make a difference towards society in general? I was fortunate enough to be successful in almost everything I ventured in, yet there was something missing. On the faithful day of 26th July 2005, I found the path that I had been searching for a very long time. This day although marked as, one of the saddest days in the history of Kolhapur, when the skies burst and poured hell on earth, that is the disastrous flood of 2005. To me my soul searching had ended. I had found how I could make a difference and 'Yuvashakti' was born."

- Dhananjay B.Mahadik

Since then till now Yuvashakti has grown many folds and today the strength of this N.G.O. is

Branches (Shakha): 429
Total Members: 32190
Yuvashakti Mahil Aaghadi Branches 66
Total Members: 20376
Thus totaling to 495 Braches & 48566 members.
We have 84 pending applications of Branches (Shakha) waiting for Inauguration.

Yuvashakti provides a platform to young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the basic needs and provide social help to the community and the needy at large. Yuvashakti also promotes the cultural values of Kolhapur as well as India by means of various activities. A thing worth mentioning about Yuvashakti is that all these activities are carried out by this NGO free of cost for people even though no Government Grants or any help of that kind is available.

We have in our own small way lent a hand in the progression of the people of Kolhapur District. Through our experience, we know for sure that this is only the tip of the problems that need to be addressed. I can't do it single handedly. We together have to address each and every issue priority wise, find realistic solutions and execute them earnestly in a specified time frame.

Come, join hands with us, to make a difference.