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Bhima Krishi Exhibition - Introducing new technologies to farmers :



Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti conducted a state of the art- Cattle / Agro / Urja / Finance & Flora mega exhibition called Bhima Krishi 2008. This event received a huge response getting 800 exhibit stalls, out of which 500 stalls were allotted to the best of the cattle from Maharashtra state, 200 stalls were allotted to agro, urja, finance, flora related products and 100 stalls were given free to the Women self help groups (mahila bachat gat) of Kolhapur. Tremendous response poured in from all corners of Kolhapur district and from all cross sections of the society resulting in a whopping number of 6 lac visitors for this mega event. This mega event was organised totally by Yuvashakti without any govt. grant or help. During this mega event speeches of Hon. Agro experts were organised on various topics, which facilitated the farmers and also free travel facility from nearby villages to exhibition venue as well as traditional Maharashtrian Lunch - Zunka Bhakri was provided by Yuvashakti specially for the farmers visiting the exhibition. Entertainment Programs & Competitions were also organised in evening.


Yog Shibhir :



A Yog shibhir was organised at Gandhi Maidan in association with Patanjali Yog Vidyapeeth ( Baba Ramdevji Maharaj ). The purpose of the event was to provide knowledge and understanding about the benefits of Pranayam & Yogasanas to people. This camp was attended by almost 20,000 people of all age groups. We also succeeded in making the youth take interest in Yoga and change their perspective towards this ancient health science. Yuvashakti continues to organise more such camps at various places in Kolhapur District.

Senior Citizen I. card :

As on date Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti has provided over 10,000 senior citizens with 'Senior Citizen ID cards.' through the Government of India Senior Citizen Welfare Scheme, entirely free of cost & assist the senior citizens as and when they require assistance.

Medical Check-up Camps :

Number of Medical Check-up caoms have been conducted by Yuvashakti in various areas of Kolhapur District :

For Senior Citizens

For Ladies

For Children

For Dental Care & Dentures

Salute to the Brave :

Dhanajay Mahadik Yuvashakti & Mahila Aagadi, in association with many local organisations and associations organised a candle march peace rally to honor and salute the Brave Officers & Policemen who sacrificed their life for the integrity of our country during the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai, the financial capital of India. Citizens from all the fields like from politicians to policemen were present at the event with lots of gratitude, patriotism, honor & respect for Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamate, Tukaram Ombale, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan