Mahila Aghadi President...

Sou.Arundhati Dhananjay Mahadik is the true reflection of a popular saying- behind every successful man there is a woman. Daughter of Shri Haibatrao Naik-Nimbalkar,sou. Arundhati was born on 1st May, studied in St.Mary School,Pune. During her school days, besides academic activities, she had keen interest in sports and other extra-curricular activities. She was national level basketball player.
After marriage, she is successfully handling the home front as well as she is taking active participation in all his business & social activities. Inspired by social activities of Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti she took initiative in the formation of Yuvashaktis Branch  Dhananjay Mahadik Yuvashakti Mahila Aaghadi to make a difference in womens life, especially for the empowerment of women.
She is chair-person of channel B-The only local channel of Kolhapur district. Her accomplished administration is enabling the channel in telecasting different programs, such as B News, Maitrin, Yashvant Ho, Rang Maza Vegla, Mushafiri, Jaau Santanchiya Gava, Vastu Kari Tathastu and so on, touching many aspects of life and covering all the social & political events. The channel has gained large no of viewership in the whole district.
She is co-ordinator of Bhima Swimming Academy, Bhima health zone & Adarsha Bhima Vastram.
She is community service Director of Rotary Club of Midtown.
She is chairperson of Bhima Foods & Beverages.
Shri Dhananjay Mahadik & Sou.Arundhati Mahadik are blessed with 3 sons- Pruthviraj, Vishwaraj & Krishnaraj.
Her hobbies include travelling, music & reading.
She is commited to make a difference and her goal includes:
Creating social awareness about female foeticide (stree- bhrun hatya)
Encouraging Mahila Bachat Gat(self help groups) and to provide opportunities of manufacturing & marketing, through events & exhibitions.
Launching AIDS awareness programs.
Creating awareness about causes & Effects of Global warming and importance of tree plantation.
Establishing small scale industries & cottage industries for women.
Launching literacy programs for children, women & adults, especially in rural areas.