Yuvashakti work related - Basic Needs...


Flood Situation :

During the flood of 2005, Yuvashakti displayed the immense strenght of young generation and what a channalised youth on a mission can accomplish. The situation during the floods was worst especially in the remote and hilly areas. During this tragic situation, Dhananjay Mahadik with his Yuvashakti power provided rescue to many people affected by the flood. During the time of flood not only food and clothing was taken care of but efforts were also taken for rehabilitation of the people who lost thier homes in the flood. Yuvashati provided 150 tons of foodgrain, 63,000 packets of food, 16,000 blankets, 23 trucks of cattle food, 9,500 sarees to the affected, but more that all this it provided a Hope. Hope to rebuild life ! 

Food Bank :


This extremely noble social project is catering to the families of all the undernourished children and widows in distress in Kolhapur district. It was launched at the auspicious hand of Rashtriya Yuva Sant P.P. Bhaiyuji Maharaj. At present Yuvashakti Food bank is distributing monthly requirement of food grains to 340 such families and by the end of 2010, we aim at serving approximately 1000 families, which will fulfill the dream of Shri Dhananjay Mahadik i.e.'Not a single person in Kolhapur district should sleep hungry '
Student's Adoption Scheme :
To provide better educational opportunities to intelligent and hardworking but deprived students, till now Yuvashakti has apoted 700 students from all over Kolhapur District and targets to help more and more students in building their educational career. Every year Yuvashakti arranges to provide notebooks, unifoms and study material to students from needy and deprived family background.